Our Services

We specialize in providing Professionals, managers, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers including administrative personnel both local and foreign with job opportunities and careers in Singapore for employment in banking & finance; manufacturing; engineering; construction; hospitality; transport & logistics; warehousing & supply chains; health care services, workshops, retail and domestic help services.

Besides, we are a licensed Employment Agency fully authorized by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore.

Foreign Recruitment

We provide all categories of workers from Malaysia (East & West), Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Korea, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and etc.

Local Placement

  • Permanent jobs
  • Contract Services
  • Temporary or Part-time

Rendering services

  • We assist all foreign workers in obtaining the relevant Employment Pass from the Ministry of Manpower under the following categories:
    • E-Pass for professionals e.g. doctors, engineers, accountants, dentists, managerial occupations, etc.
    • S-Pass for skilled workers e.g. secretaries, teachers, foremen, technicians, electricians, welders, plumbers, nurses, carpenters, etc.
    • W-Pass for semi-skilled workers e.g. construction workers, office clerks, flight attendants, sales persons, receptionists and also unskilled workers e.g. labourers, cleaners, janitors, parking attendants, fast food workers, line operators, domestic helpers, etc.
  • Renewal and/or the cancellation of Employment Pass requested by our client.
  • Provide short-listed candidates to employers for consideration and employment.
  • Purchase security bond.
  • Health screening, and medical Insurance.
  • Cater to housing/accommodation requirements.
  • Repatriation of workers upon expiry or termination of employment agreement.

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Besides finding a suitable educational institution for students, our Support Services Centre for Students provide them with:
  • An application form for their chosen course
  • Enclose relevant course information
  • Assist in enrolment
  • Assist Visa application & provide information on Visa regulations
  • Rental/ accommodation or arrangement of home stay services
  • Insurance - health cover
  • Liaison with institutions with whom we have Agreements
  • Arrangement of students' safe return home

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