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We are an established ONE-STOP Professional Consultancy organization where we provide career opportunities, solutions, and management services to all our valued clients, job seekers and students.

Our primary services and opportunities rendered are as follows:


We talent-scout Professionals, managers, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers and administrative personnel both local and foreign, and assist them with jobs and careers opportunities in the various industries and sectors available for employment in Singapore e.g. in banking & finance; manufacturing; engineering; construction; hospitality; transport & logistics; warehousing & supply chains; health care services; workshops; retail and also domestic help services.

We also provide out-sourcing of Singaporeans and Permanent Residence of Singapore to our overseas clients in need of Professionals, managers, skilled; semi-skilled; and unskilled workers and fulfill any of their workforce requirements.

All our workforce candidates are fully examined and verified in regard to their qualifications, competency, ability, reliability, and conduct. None of them have any criminal history or health issues and disability.


We have a Support Services Centre for Students where we help them with general enquiries and assist the students with placement in both local and overseas schools, polytechnics, universities and other educational institutions.

Our extensive portfolio of schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities in many institutions cover more than 1,000 course choices in Vocational education, Higher education and English Language courses that enable every student an opportunity for learning and re-learning to enhance their career of choice.